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    President's Message

    Cover Story
    Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong officially installed as President video

    25th Anniversary Activities

    MPF Investment Education Seminar video
    Investor Education Day video
    OUHK Singing Contest

    Cross-Strait Conference on Parent Education video

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    Dr Anson Chan — A brilliant leader talks about leadership
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    Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong officially installed as President

    The Installation Ceremony of Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong, the 5th President of the OUHK, was held on 13 May in the OUHK Jubilee College. Pro-chancellor Dr the Honourable Charles Lee and Council Chairman Dr Eddy C Fong officiated at the ceremony. Guests and friends from the government, higher education sector and the community, including Secretary for Education Mr Eddie Ng Hak-kim and Secretary for Food and Health Dr Ko Wing-man, attended the ceremony and witnessed the appointment of Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong as the 5th President of the OUHK.

    Addressing the audience in his welcoming remarks, Dr Fong said, ‘The search for a high-calibre professional to take up the presidency of the OUHK commenced in March 2012. With his wealth of experience in education, good international exposure and established network, Prof. Wong was selected from among many outstanding candidates.’ During the ceremony, Dr Fong announced the appointment of Prof. Wong as the President of the OUHK and handed him the Ordinance and the Common Seal of the Open University of Hong Kong.

    Prof. Wong completed a PhD in Plant Biochemistry at McGill University in Canada in 1979. He then returned to Hong Kong and started teaching at various local higher education institutions. Prof. Wong became Associate Vice President for Research and Development at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 1997. Between 1998 and 2006, he served as Vice President and Chair Professor of Biological Sciences of the City University of Hong Kong. Before joining the OUHK on 1 April, he was Vice President for Administration and Business and Professor of Life Science (Biology) at the HKUST.

    Changing lives through education

    In his installation speech, Prof. Wong shared insight from his own journey demonstrating the essence of education — its magical ability to change lives. He said, ‘I was born into an ordinary family. Both of my parents had never been to school. The high school I went to was also quite ordinary. But something extraordinary happened when I graduated from college. I served as a high school teacher for a year. In those far-off days, becoming a teacher was my biggest ambition. That year of teaching left a profound impression on me, giving me the certainty that I had found my true calling in education, filling me with a desire to mold young lives and stimulate curious minds. Another good thing happened: McGill University accepted me, offering me a generous scholarship and teaching assistantship.’ After completing his PhD, Prof. Wong returned to Hong Kong to begin his teaching career, which has spanned four decades. He said that his own journey underlines the message that education has the power to dramatically change lives.

    Prof. Wong further encouraged our students not to be afraid of ‘losing the contest at the starting line.’ He said, ‘There are many starting lines in life, with its many twists and turns. These days, new knowledge is constantly re-drawing the starting line. When new knowledge and technology arrive, all of us find ourselves at the same starting point, because they are new to all of us. This is why lifelong learning is necessary to ensure our survival and success. And this is why the role of the OUHK is so important: It offers opportunities to all who hope to change their careers or pursuits midstream.’

    Student-centered, professionally oriented

    Prof. Wong took the helm of the OUHK on 1 April, and has since met with staff from each unit, the Students’ Union and student societies, media and student representatives at lunch gatherings, taking the opportunity to listen to their views on the University's future development and to share his vision for education and future plans.

    ‘I have been very happily getting on with students and staff members in the past three months. Our students’ initiatives, conversational etiquette and ability to solve problems, as well as their willingness to listen to others’ views, have really impressed me. I’m also touched by the camaraderie among colleagues and their dedication to their work.’ But he said that there are many challenges ahead, and now he needs to figure out how to rise to those challenges using the existing foundation.

    Prof. Wong described the developments of the OUHK as being like ‘walking on two legs’. He said, ‘The OUHK began the first lap of its journey walking on one leg — the leg of distance learning, providing a second chance to those who have previously missed the opportunity to pursue studies. In answer to the high demand for degree places, the University has in recent years grown another leg — as a provider of full-time face-to-face undergraduate programmes to take in many more young school leavers.’ But this new form does not change the core mission of the University, which is anchored by two concerns: Being ‘student-centred’ and ‘professionally oriented’, both of which, in Prof. Wong’s plans, are being honoured in various ways.

    Future plans

    Prof. Wong believes that, first and foremost, the University should further enhance its academic standards and teaching quality, as well as improve the learning atmosphere on campus. Secondly, in addition to some 250 programmes, the OUHK will continue to expand its range and develop new programmes that can benefit the society of Hong Kong.

    In recent years, inadequate space for teaching and learning has been a problem at the OUHK. For this reason, campus expansion and the addition of more facilities for learning and student amenities will be another focus of Prof. Wong’s plans. He also hopes to strengthen student support and counseling services, as well as to give students greater opportunities to expand their horizons through taking part in overseas exchange and internship. Under the leadership of Prof. Wong, the University will also explore the distance learning markets in other regions beyond Hong Kong.

    Last but not least, Prof. Wong will continue to enhance the OUHK’s image and raise its brand awareness by further promoting the University to the public, academia and the commercial sectors.

    Time capsule ceremony

    This year is the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the OUHK. The installation of Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong at this time has marked the milestone of the OUHK of entering another quarter of a century, and a new chapter in its history. To commemorate this moment, a time capsule ceremony was held on the same occasion, with 20 academic, administrative and student units taking part in the event by placing mementos into the time capsule, which will be re-opened at the OUHK’s Golden Jubilee Anniversary in the year 2039.

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