Student Notebook Program 2010 - Products/ Prices available
Dear Students,

Please be informed that Lenovo has also posted their offers together with prices and configurations on their website although the website is still under construction . You may click "Download catalog" to make your choices. On the other hand, Fujitsu has almost completed their website that gives you more details about their offers.

For enquiries/ details, you may call their hotlines at 2565 3086 (Lenovo) and 2616 2466 (Fujitsu) respectively or visit their websites by clicking the following links:

For Lenovo:
(You may click Download catalog to access the product/ price information.)

For Fujitsu:

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify that the OUHK has officially awarded only two manufacturers, i.e., Lenovo and Fujitsu, to offer notebook products to our students/ staff/ alumni at various venues of the OUHK campus. In selecting the notebook brands and products, we carefully considered the students’ preferences and other various factors, including the prices, functionality and the reliability of the products etc.. Best price guarantee is assured by the manufacturers in the sense that they will offer the same products of the same configurations at the same prices/ terms/ conditions as those they have offered for notebook programs of the local universities in Hong Kong.

You may also find another Asus notebook fair held at the CPI lobby in about the same period. Please note that this Asus notebook fair is solely run by the Student Union through its appointed agent Caesar International Group.

Thank you for your attention.

Information Technology Unit
The Open University of Hong Kong