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    Student Societies

    Student Societies for Distance Learning and Full-time Programme Students to Join:

    Programme-related societies
    - School of Arts and Social Science
    - Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
    - School of Education and Languages
    - School of Science and Technology
    - School of Nursing and Health Studies

    Sports Association

    Cultural Association

    Independent Club Association

    Alumni Groups / Associations

    Programme-related societies (School of Arts and Social Sciences)

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Animation and Visual Effects Society

    email to soc_ave@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ouhk.Delta

    Applied Economics Society

    email to soc_economics@ouhk.edu.hk

    Applied Social Studies Society

    email to soc_appliedss@ouhk.edu.hk

    Chinese Society

    email to soc_chinese@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ouhk.chinsoc

    Creative Advertising and Media Design Society

    email to soc_camd@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  coazy.camd

    Creative Writing and Film Arts Society

    email to soc_cwfa@ouhk.edu.hk


    Language Studies and Translation Society

    email to soc_language@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  OUHK.Transonance

    Photography Society

    email to soc_photography@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  OUHKPhotoSoc

    Psychology Society

    email to soc_psychology@ouhk.edu.hk

    Programme-related societies (Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration)

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Student Association of Business and Administration

    email to soc_business@ouhk.edu.hk

    Accounting Society

    email to soc_accounting@ouhk.edu.hk

    Business Management Society

    email to soc_bm@ouhk.edu.hk

    Hospitality and Tourism Management Society

    email to soc_htm@ouhk.edu.hk

    Sports and Recreation Management Society

    email to soc_srm@ouhk.edu.hk

    Programme-related societies (School of Education and Languages)

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Applied Chinese Languages Studies Society

    email to soc_appliedchinese@ouhk.edu.hk

    Early Childhood Education Society

    email to soc_ece@ouhk.edu.hk

    Programme-related societies (School of Science and Technology)

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Computing Society

    email tosoc_computing@ouhk.edu.hk

    Engineering Society

    email to soc_engineering@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ESS OUHK - Engineering Student Society

    Statistics Analysis and Data Science Society

    email to soc_statistical@ouhk.edu.hk

    Testing and Certification Society

    email to soc_testncert@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  tcouhk

    Programme-related societies (School of Nursing and Health Studies)

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Nursing Society

    email to soc_nursing@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  nursoc.ouhk


    Sports Association

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Badminton Society

    email to soc_badminton@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ouhksbs

    Dragon Boat Society

    email to soc_dragon@ouhk.edu.hk

    website OUHKDragonBoat

    Football Society

    email to soc_football@ouhk.edu.hk

    Hiking Society

    email to soc_hiking@ouhk.edu.hk

     website ououtsoc

    Rugby Society

    email to soc_rugby@ouhk.edu.hk

    Tchoukball Society

    email to soc_tchoukball@ouhk.edu.hk

    Volleyball Society

    email to soc_volleyball@ouhk.edu.hk


    Cultural Association

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Dancing Society

    email to soc_dancing@ouhk.edu.hk

    Drama Society

    email to soc_drama@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  dramasociety.ouhk

    Handicraft Society

    email to soc_handicraft@ouhk.edu.hk

    Japanese Culture Society

    email to soc_japan@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ousjcs

    Korean Culture Society

    email to soc_korean@ouhk.edu.hk

    Music Society

    email to soc_music@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  oumuso


    Independent Club Association

    Student Societies      

    Email & Website

    Astronomy Society

    email to soc_astronomy@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ouastronomy

    Catholic Society

    email to soc_catholic@ouhk.edu.hk

    Chinese Students and Scholars Association

    email to soc_scholars@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ouhkcssa

    Christian Fellowship

    email to soc_christian@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  scf.ouhk


    email to soc_enactus@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  EnactusOuhk

    Film Society

    email to soc_film@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ouhkfilmsociety

    Poker Society

    email to soc_poker@ouhk.edu.hk

    Rotaract Club

    email to soc_rotaract@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  OUHKRotaract

    Social Service Society

    email to soc_socialservice@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ousst.benevolence

    Wofoo Leaders' Network Society

    email to soc_wofoo@ouhk.edu.hk

    website  ouhkwln


    * Remarks: Please contact SAO staff if you would like to request a copy of Societies' Constitution.
    Tel: 2768 6634, Email: sao@ouhk.edu.hk


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    Modified Date: Dec 21, 2018

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