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    Other Funded Research Projects

    Projects funded since 2014

    Year Unit Principal Investigator Title
    2017 A&SS Mr Anthony CHAN Yat Ming From comics to animation: a media study of Hong Kong’s creative industry1
    2017 A&SS Dr Vincent CHENG Shing Nerd and snitch: A case study of prison culture in Chinese drug detention centres2
    2017 A&SS Dr Beatrice LAM Oi Yeung Graduate Attributes and Employability of Degree Programmes offered by Self-financing Higher Education Institutions in Hong Kong: An Applied Research for Enhancing External Efficiency1
    2017 A&SS Ms Janet LAU Man Ying Hong Kong Creative Advertising Design in the Seventies to Millennium1
    2017 A&SS Dr YU Xuying Anti-utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction2
    2017 E&L Dr Cindy LAM Man Fong A Preliminary Study of Application of Learning Platform in Error Analysis of Acquisition of Putonghua Pronunciation for Hong Kong University Students2
    2017 N&HS Ms Bell FUNG Pui Ling Effect of Multidisciplinary Care Assessment Team programme in institutional child care2
    2017 N&HS Dr Simon YAU Wing Lung Innovative Provision of Medical Education: Development and Promotion of Hand Hygiene Using Virtual Reality (VR) Technology1
    2017 N&HS Ms Cheryl YEUNG Chi Yan Developing an Anticipatory Care Planning Intervention for Persons with Early Dementia: a qualitative study2
    2017 S&T Dr Panda CHAN Ping Lung Preliminary Investigation in the Prevalence of Antibiotics Resistance Genes and Antibiotics Resistant Bacteria in Vegetables (Phase 1) 2
    2017 S&T Professor HO Kin Chung Research on Diversity of Phytoplankton in Victoria Habour, Hong Kong3
    2017 S&T Dr Emily WONG Sze Wan Rapid and Easy Discrimination and Authentication of Different Chinese Medicinal Granules Powders by Spectroscopic Fingerprinting Analysis1
    2017 S&T Dr WONG Yee Keung Optimization of potable water filtering efficiency by algal-nanotechnology1
    2017 S&T Dr WONG Yee Keung “Welfeed” as alternatives for enhancement of fish quality2
    2016 A&SS Dr Wayne CHAN Wing Lun The police on Facebook: Exploring the impacts on perceptions of police role1
    2016 A&SS Dr Vincent CHENG Shing Rituals of reintegration and drug rehabilitation: A case study of a peer education programme in Shanghai2
    2016 A&SS Dr LAM Wai Man When Local Meets National: Explaining Identity Change in Hong Kong2
    2016 A&SS Dr Anna TSO Wing Bo Exploring the Digital Literacy Practices of University Students beyond Classroom: Writing through Facebook and Whatsapp4
    2016 N&HS Ms Hemio LAM Chung Yan The effect of a table tennis programme on motor proficiency in children with autism spectrum disorder1
    2016 S&T Dr Panda CHAN Ping Lung Preliminary screening and identification of antimicrobial compounds in algal extracts2
    2016 S&T Dr Carlin CHU Chun Fai Investigation of algal bloom prediction models on Hong Kong marine zones using unevenly-spaced data1
    2016 S&T Dr Douglas NG Kei Shing Optimisation of ultrasound-assisted extraction of astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis by response surface methodology (RSM) 1
    2016 S&T Professor Vanessa NG Sin Chun Using immersive reality in teaching fundamental nursing skills and visualizing a clinical ward environment1
    2016 S&T Dr Mimi TIU Mei Ha The lived experience of infertility of Chinese women in Hong Kong1
    2016 S&T Dr WONG Yee Keung Optimization of culture medium for the growth and astaxanthin production of Haematococcus pluvialis1
    2016 LiPACE Dr Kris WONG Wai Ning A Pilot Study on Assessing Graduate Attributes at the Open University of Hong Kong2
    2015 A&SS Dr Charles KWONG Che Leung Feasibility study of old age pension scheme in Hong Kong: An employee’s perspective5
    2015 B&A Dr Alex MAK Han Chee Development of scales to measure sustainability in HRM2
    2015 E&L Dr Edward CHU Yuk Wo Investigating the feasibility of introducing content-based instruction (CBI) in Hong Kong primary schools2
    2015 E&L Dr Jack SHU Chi Yee A study of an ethnodrama performed by ex-addicted gamblers in rehabilitation2
    2015 E&L Professor Robin YANG Ruo Wei Analysis of code-switching as repair in Cantonese-English bilingual children&39;s conversation: A preliminary study1
    2015 N&HS Ms Bell FUNG Pui Ling Supervisory relationship of clinical placement in Hong Kong: Clinical mentors’ perspective2
    2015 N&HS Ms Cheryl YEUNG Chi Yan A study on health volunteering among adult volunteers in Hong Kong2
    2015 S&T Dr Andrew LUI Kwok Fai On improving performance of data clustering with multi-objective particle swarm optimization algorithm for educational data mining applications2
    2015 S&T Dr Douglas NG Kei Shing Development of an Android-based smart-tablet-aided diagnosis/evaluation programme for intensity-modulated radiotherapy treatment planning2
    2015 S&T Dr Angus WONG Kin Yeung Exploring the effects of social characteristics on routing in cognitive radio networks1
    2015 S&T Dr WONG Yee Keung Effects of light intensity, illumination cycles, spectral composition on astaxanthin production by the microalgae haematococcus pluvialis2
    2015 LiPACE Dr Carol POON Man Wai Innovation and social impact in higher education: Some lessons from Tohoku University and The Open University of Hong Kong2
    2015 LiPACE Dr Andrew TANG Cheuck Wing Smartphones, internet use and the relationship between executive function and the mental, physical and social health among young people: A cross cultural comparison of the United Kingdom and Hong Kong1
    2014 N&HS Ms Baljit KAUR Cultural adaptation of simulation evaluation instrument2
    2014 N&HS Ms Ivy YAU Sui Yu Hong Kong midwives’ perceptions on breast milk donation and establishing breast milk bank2
    2014 S&T Mr Simon CHEUNG King Chau Recommendation of hashtags in social networks as a marketing tool2

    A&SS School of Arts and Social Sciences
    B&A Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
    E&L School of Education and Languages
    N&HS School of Nursing and Health Studies
    S&T School of Science and Technology
    LiPACE Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education
    1 Granted by Katie Shu Sui Pui Charitable Trust — Research and Publication Fund (Applied Research)
    2 Granted by the Open University of Hong Kong R&D Fund
    3 Granted by the New World Development Company Limited
    4 Granted by the Sunrise Charitable and Education Fund
    5 Granted by the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme

    Maintained by: Research Office ( ro@ouhk.edu.hk )
    Modified Date: Sep 03, 2018

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