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    RGC Funded Projects

    1. Funded projects under Institutional Development Scheme (IDS)
    Year Title Grant
    2018/19 Establishment of a Public and Social Policy Research Centre   $5,791,238
    2017/18 Expertise and Infrastructure Development for Advancing Research Capacity in Selected Strategic Areas   $6,929,378
    2016/17 Third phase of institutional research capacity development: Strategic research development in three focused areas   $5,617,623
    2015/16 Second phase of institutional research capacity development — Establishment of three research institutes $12,000,000
    2014/15 First phase of institutional research capacity development $12,000,000

    2. Funded projects under Faculty Development Scheme (FDS)
    Year Unit Principal Investigator Title Grant
    2018/19 A&SS Dr Vicky HO Wing Ki Creativity in Popular Music: A Study of Music-making Practices in the Busking Scene and the YouTube Scene $524,960
    2018/19 A&SS Dr LAM Wai Man Traditionalism, Regime Support and Democratic Legitimacy in Hong Kong $968,400
    2018/19 B&A Mr Kevin CHU Wing Ki Investigating Impacts of Problem Ownership and Ascription of Responsibility on Sustainable Consumption Behaviour $429,048
    2018/19 B&A Dr Louisa LEE Yee Sum Are City Tourism Destinations Prepared for the Touristification of their Intangible Cultural Heritage? $540,600
    2018/19 B&A Mr Christophor TSUI Sai Kit An Empirical Study on Relationship between IPO Prospectus Readability and IPO Underpricing $461,250
    2018/19 E&L Dr Jessie WONG Ming Sin The Development of Kindergarten Practitioners' Professional Identity under the Free Kindergarten Education Policy in Hong Kong $784,745
    2018/19 S&T Dr Fred LEE Wang Fat Molecular Responses of Fish Gills Experimentally Exposed to Ichthyotoxic Dinoflagellate Karenia mikimotoi $699,523
    2018/19 S&T Dr Douglas NG Kei Shing Radial Basis Functions Method for Medical Imaging Problems $1,165,000
    2018/19 S&T Dr Eric SZE Tung Po Investigating the Potential of Using Probiotic Bacteria in Making Traditional Chinese Foods with Health-Promoting Effects and Reduced Carcinogenicity $782,100
    2018/19 S&T Dr Steven XU Jingliang Seasonal Succession of Microalgae and their Relationship with Environmental Factors in the Sources of Hong Kong Drinking Water $882,150
    2017/18 A&SS Dr HUNG Chi Kum Study of Daren (1970–1973) and Dacheng (1973–1995) and a Discourse on Post-War Hong Kong Culture $446,300
    2017/18 A&SS Dr Rebecca LEUNG Mo Ling Shaping and Being Shaped by Multiple Cultural Fields: An Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Eileen Chang in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan $496,900
    2017/18 A&SS Dr WONG Chi Hung A Study of Edo Annotated Editions of Du Fu's Eight-line Regulated Verse $443,577
    2017/18 A&SS Dr YU Xuying Fevers of National Learning in 20th Century China : Post-enlightenment Phenomena $200,200
    2017/18 B&A Dr Samuel CHOI Ping Man Quantifying the Impact of Limit Order Book Transparency on Trading Profitability $473,900
    2016/17 B&A Dr Maggie CHU Ying Ying Halting wasteful consumption: The differential impact of guilt and shame $460,668
    2016/17 B&A Dr Franklin LAM Sze Sing The relationship between corporate philanthropy and corporate financial performance in Hong Kong-listed companies $598,675
    2016/17 E&L Dr Vanliza CHOW Mei Yung A study of the language specificness of two nursing specialties $363,500
    2016/17 S&T Professor HO Kin Chung Design and development of a big data system for predicting harmful algal blooms $698,725
    2015/16 A&SS Dr Eden LI Sum Hung Political discourses in Hong Kong: A systemic functional perspective $690,719
    2015/16 A&SS Professor TAM Kwok Kan Revisioning Ibsen: The aesthetics and politics of staging the self in China and Hong Kong $452,216
    2015/16 A&SS Dr Anna TSO Wing Bo An investigation of Hong Kong students' perceptions and experiences of English academic writing: A case study at The Open University of Hong Kong $523,825
    2015/16 B&A Dr Toro CHEN Tao Round number biases, buy-sell imbalances and transaction time: The international evidence $460,575
    2015/16 B&A Ms Pauline HUNG Hie Yiin CEO compensation and dividend policy in family firms* $439,493
    2015/16 B&A Dr Rebecca LAU Suk Yin Why don't they return the favor? A study of antecedents to team-member exchange and its impact on work-life balance $479,550
    2015/16 B&A Dr Eddie LAW Kuok Kei Situated knowledge in power relations: Its legitimization, sharing and appropriation $416,173
    2015/16 E&L Dr Polly LAO Kam Ling Teacher knowledge of early childhood teachers in Hong Kong, with a focus on Mathematics in early childhood education $695,405
    2015/16 S&T Dr Kevin HUNG King Fai Development of an Exergaming System with Haptic Feedback for the Investigation of Energy Expenditure and Muscle Activities during Sports Training $663,519
    2014/15 A&SS Mr Edmund CHENG Wai The dynamics of activism in Hong Kong 2006–2015: An interactive approach $451,545
    2014/15 A&SS Professor CHIU Yu Lok Modern South-coming intellectual’s impression of Hong Kong and their nationalist awareness $286,626
    2014/15 A&SS Dr Winnie CHOR Oi Wan Epistemic modulation and speaker attitude in Cantonese: A discourse-pragmatic perspective $666,421
    2014/15 B&A Dr WOO Ka Shing Deciphering the myth of Chinese emotional display: The impact of Chinese cultural values and norms on emotional labour strategies and customer service evaluation $572,700
    2014/15 E&L Dr CHAN Chi Wai A study on strategic leadership in Hong Kong kindergartens $688,713
    2014/15 E&L Dr Robin YANG Ruo Wei Analysis of repair practice and its relationship with L2 Chinese learning in online tutorial $522,300
    2014/15 N&HS Dr Sandy CHOI Pin Pin A phenomenological study of the attributes of the practice environment in Hong Kong residential care homes for the elderly $591,100
    2014/15 S&T Dr Eric SZE Tung Po Development of rapid testing methods for the authentication of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM) by mass spectrometry $707,250
    2014/15 S&T Dr Angus WONG Kin Yeung Enabling adaptive and secure cloud connectivity for cognitive radio networks $584,200
    2014/15 URC Dr LI Kam Cheong Evaluating the effectiveness of mobile learning in nursing education $429,525

    3. Funded projects under Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS)
    Year Principal Investigator Title Grant
    2016/17 Dr Danny LEUNG Chung Hong Harnessing the latest corpus-based approaches for research $337,131
    2015/16 Dr LI Kam Cheong Learning analytics and higher education development: Towards a research agenda $465,952
    2015/16 Dr Andrew LUI Kwok Fai Mobile learning: Innovative research topics and applications $443,587
    2014/15 Professor IP Yiu Keung Research capability enhancement programme (1) for the self-financing degree sector of Hong Kong $425,500

    A&SS School of Arts and Social Sciences
    B&A Lee Shau Kee School of Business and Administration
    E&L School of Education and Languages
    N&HS School of Nursing and Health Studies
    S&T School of Science and Technology
    URC Univerisyt Research Centre/Research Office

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    Modified Date: Oct 08, 2018

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