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    Green Measures

    With users’ support, we have taken various green measures to help protecting our environment and saving energy.
    Recognition as “Hong Kong Green Organisation”
    OUHK has actively joined the Wastewi$e Program as organised by the Environmental Campaign Committee and being recognised as “Hong Kong Green Organisation” to symbolise our commitment.
    Energy Saving Charter 2020
    OUHK has actively joined the “Energy Saving Charter” which is launched by the Environment Bureau and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department to show our perseverance in energy saving as well as environmental protection.
    The “11th No Air Con Night 2020” – 9 October 2020
    With our staunch support on the “No Air Con Night 2020”, it is our pleasure to have the certificate of appreciation awarded by the Green Sense recently.
    Let’s pool our committed effort in realizing the low carbon living by abating the switching on of air-conditioners and demonstrate a good model to our families, friends and next generation!

    Hong Kong Green Day 2020 - From Source Reduction of Waste to Clean Recycling
    In retrospect to the launch of the Hong Kong Green Day (HKGD) initiated by Green Council since 2013, the campaign is in well tune with the University. With our perseverance and unswerving effort to protect the territory as well as the campuses shrewdly, we fully support the HKGD held on 5 June 2020 seamlessly of World Environment Day, an annual event established by the United Nations since 1972. HKGD is a month-long campaign which inspires us to "Go Green, Act Green!”, which covers a series of propaganda and educational events.
    In recognition for our contribution of promoting activities in environmental conservation, we are honorably to be awarded "Certificate of Appreciation" by Green Council on HKGD as well.
    Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) 2018 - Certificate of Merit
    In recognition of the unswerving effort and perseverance of The Open University of Hong Kong in bolstering up the effective environmental protection and e-learning on Campuses, the University has honorably scooped the “Certificate of Merit" from the Environmental Protection Department.
    Program on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste
    In recognition of the unfailing effort of The Open University of Hong Kong in supporting the effective waste separation and recycling on Campuses, the University has been honorably awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation for the Commendation Scheme on Source Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste” by the Environmental Protection Department.
    Waste Check Charter Commitment Award
    OUHK has participated in the Waste Check Charter launched by the Environmental Protection Department in September 2015.  A Commitment Award was received on 26 May 2017 as recognition of OUHK’s effort paid to the regular measurement on the waste and recyclables and hence formulated concrete plans to achieve the waste reduction goals in the past 18 months.
    Waste Recycling
    Main Campus
    Near entrance to lift lobby, -1/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building (Block A)
    Near Noodle Bar, 0/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building (Block A)
    Lift lobby, 0/F, Kwok Tak Seng Building (Block C)
    Near Lecture Theatre, 3/F, Kwok Tak Seng Building (Block C)
    Lift lobby, 4/F, Cheng Yu Tung Building (Block A)
    Lift lobby, 10/F, Kwok Tak Seng Building (Block C)
    Jockey Club Campus
    Lift lobby, G/F, Block D
    Lift lobby, 1/F, Block D
    Lift lobby, 2/F, Block D
    Lift lobby, 3/F, Block D
    Lift lobby, 7/F, Block D
    Lift lobby, 8/F, Block D
    Lift lobby, 10/F, Block D
    Jockey Club Institute of Healthcare
    Lift lobby, 0/F
    Corridor, 0/F
    Pantry, 1/F
    Pantry, 2/F
    Pantry, 3/F
    Pantry, 7/F
    Pantry, 11/F
    Kwai Hing Campus
    Near locker area, Level 9
    Energy Saving - Charter on External Lighting
    OUHK has registered for the Charter on External Lighting (Environmental Bureau) to switch off partial external lighting installations to minimize light nuisance as well as energy wastage. The University has also been honorably awarded the platinum prize by the Environment Bureau on June 27, 2019 for the recognition of our full support to this Charter.
    Joining Energy Saving Charter on "No ILB"
    The Open University of Hong Kong has always been supportive in promoting environmental protection and energy saving.  Recently, the University has joined the Energy Saving Charter on “No Incandescent Light Bulbs (ILB)” which is launched by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), to pledge to refrain from procuring targeted ILB for general lighting purposes; and to adopt more energy-efficient lighting on our Campuses.
    Green Awards
    In November 2016, Jockey Club Campus received the Merit Award, New Buildings Category: Completed Projects - Institutional Building of the Green Building Award 2016 from the Hong Kong Green Building Council.
    In April 2015, Jockey Club Campus received the award of Platinum Certification, BEAM Plus v1.1 from the Hong Kong Green Building Council.
    In May 2015, Jockey Club Campus received the award of Merit (Institutional) from the FUTURARC GREEN LEADERSHIP AWARD 2015.

    Maintained by: Finance and Facilities Management Unit
    Modified Date: Jun 01, 2021

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