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  Better work performance and career prospects for OUHK graduates 27/07/2008

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Photo 1(L-R): Gery Chan, David Lee, Registrar Lee Shu Wing, Daisy Chow, Ida Au

Photo 2(L-R): Daisy Chow, Ida Au, Gery Chan, David Lee


A positive correlation was found between higher academic qualifications and career development in a survey conducted by the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) on its 2006 graduates. Over 60 per cent of the survey respondents also indicated that they had better work performance after graduation.

The survey was conducted in January 2008 by means of online questionnaires to the University's 2,950 graduates in 2006, with a response rate of 14.9 per cent. In addition, most graduates replied that they obtained salary increment or promotion, or had changed to better jobs after graduation.

The survey also showed that graduates who opted to study at the OUHK were looking for self development, career advancement and knowledge enhancement, while their self learning capacity, time management and problem solving ability had also been improved after their study. Nearly 50 per cent of the respondents were considering further study within the next 12 months.

The OUHK will confer postgraduate, undergraduate and sub-degree awards on some 2,200 students in June this year. Among them, 170 have completed postgraduate programmes in Mainland China. OUHK Registrar Mr Lee Shu Wing introduced four graduates who shared their exemplary experiences.

Daisy Chow is running a web solution company and always on the move. In order to have more flexibility in managing her study schedule, she opted for the OUHK's distance learning and will be conferred a Master of Business Administration degree this year. Daisy has many wonderful memories at the 
OUHK. Apart from widening her social network, a joyful surprise was winning an outstanding student award when she was pregnant. She also treasured a lot the sharing of work and life experiences by the tutors. She found the course on human resource management particularly useful as she could apply the theories and knowledge gained in the work place. As a result of an improvement in management and performance, her company was conferred a People Management Award 2007 by the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management. Daisy encourages her family members and colleagues to pursue lifelong learning and she will be a role model for them.

David Lee has been providing newspaper supplements on education for more than 18 years. He enrolled on the OUHK's Master of Education programme in 2001 to learn more about the development of education in Hong Kong and will graduate this year. While David is a managing editor at work, he is also a husband and a father at home, as well as a student and a part-time tutor at the OUHK, teaching the course "News Writing, Editing and Advertising". Having two different identities at the OUHK made him more aware of the needs of students. The flexible study mode and comprehensive support of the OUHK complemented perfectly David's various roles and responsibilities. He also felt grateful to family members for allowing him to spend less time with them to concentrate on his studies. 

The career prospects of enrolled nurse Ida Au looked bleak after public hospitals and private hospitals stopped offering training courses for nurses one after another in the late 1990s. When the OUHK offered the Higher Diploma in Nursing to help enrolled nurses to become registered nurses, Ida finally saw some light at the end of the tunnel. However, Ida could only embark on her study in the following year because of keen competition among aspiring nurses. She also had to defer study for one year due to financial hardship but finally became a registered nurse in 2006.

Ida sometimes felt completely run-down by the obstacles and hardship on the road of study. But the company of caring nurse tutors who also had to handle demanding hospital workload propelled her to soldier on. She was grateful to programme leader Dr Joseph Lee for his valuable guidance and concern for students. To further enhance her professional knowledge and skills, Ida attended the bachelor's degree course in nursing which she completed this year.

Gery Chan left school after Form Six and started her career in an investment bank. At present she is a Vice President working in the Equity Derivatives Division, responsible for establishing a trading platform for emerging markets to broaden the bank's client base. During her work with the same company for so many years, Gery encountered quite a number of challenges, such as the company being taken over and merged with another one, the Asian financial crisis, SARS and staff layoff, to name but a few. Fortunately she has not been adversely affected and even got job promotions. Knowing that many of her subordinates have higher qualifications, Gery realized that she must upgrade herself. She joined the OUHK in 2001 and obtained a BBA in Banking and Finance this year.

Like most working adults, Gery has a busy schedule. She can only study during her commute on the MTR before and after work on weekdays and go to the library at weekends. Thanks to the OUHK's flexible mode of study, Gery is able to strike a balance between her work, study, family life and friends. Gery plans to continue her studies for a master degree at another local university. 


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