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  OUHK New College project to kick-start
New campus and auditorium named after Jockey Club

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The start of work on the New College of the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) was officially celebrated today (28 February) with a ground-breaking ceremony for the New College cum the Naming Ceremony of Jockey Club Campus held by the University. Officiating at the ceremony were Secretary for Education Mr Michael Suen, Chairman of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr T Brian Stevenson, Steward of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr Anthony W K Chow, OUHK Council Chairman Dr Eddy C Fong, Deputy Chairman Mr Edward Wing-yui Cheung and President Prof. John C Y Leong.

The New College will be constructed on Chung Hau Street in close proximity to the OUHK's Ho Man Tin campus. The University was granted the site by the Government in December 2010 to build the New College. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2013 and will offer full-time programmes in cultural and creative arts, testing and certification, and medical services to support three of the six crucial industries being promoted by the Government.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr Fong said the OUHK started offering full-time programmes in 2001, with the number of students rising from fewer than 100 in the first year to over 6,000 at present. In response to demand, the University completed the construction of the Campus Phase II in 2008 to provide additional spaces for learning and teaching.

"The successful bid for the site on Chung Hau Street is another important milestone for the OUHK. It signifies the Government's support and recognition of the unique role of the OUHK in providing quality higher education," Dr Fong said, adding that the project has enabled the University to provide opportunities for school leavers to pursue full-time programmes in creative industries, testing and certification, and medical services.

Supporting the New College project, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust (the Trust) has granted $200.7 million to the OUHK. From the sum, $190 million will be used to fund the construction of the New College. The remaining $10.7 million will be used to launch a five-year project titled "Jockey Club Community Healthcare Education Programme".

In recognition of the generosity of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the campus and the auditorium of the New College will be named "Jockey Club Campus" and "Jockey Club Auditorium" respectively.

Dr Fong thanked The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for its ardent support for the University over the years, amounting to over $343 million. The Trust has funded various projects of the OUHK, including the Ho Man Tin campus, the Electronic Library, The Jockey Club Environmental Laboratory, The Jockey Club Technology Laboratory, the Centre for Students with Disabilities, the Island Learning Centre, the Information Technology Development Plan and The Jockey Club Audio-Visual Production Centre.

Steward of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr Chow noted that today's ceremony marked not only the ground breaking for a new building but also a ground-breaking development for the Open University of Hong Kong, because it would add to the campus a purpose-made home for its full-time students.

Incorporating innovative and environmentally conscious design features, the New College will be a 12-storey structure with a total gross floor area of 21,500 square meters. It will enrol an annual intake of 750 students and support a total student population of 2,400 at a steady rate.

Apart from teaching and learning facilities such as classrooms, lecture theatres, a library and computer laboratories, the New College will feature innovative facilities including Active Learning Classrooms and Learning Commons. There will also be an auditorium, arts studios and laboratories, testing and certification laboratories, and enhanced nursing laboratories. A canteen and uncovered areas of the campus will be open to public.

Prof. Leong said the estimated construction cost of the New College is about $720 million and the Legislative Council has already approved a $317 million interest-free government loan.

"As the Government is expected to launch the Sixth Matching Grant Scheme, it is my hope that people will continue to show their support for the New College project to help more learners fulfil their aspirations for higher education," he said.



Picture 1: OUHK New College Ground Breaking Ceremony (from left): OUHK President Prof. John Leong, Steward of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Mr Anthony Chow, Chairman Mr T Brian Stevenson, Secretary for Education Mr Michael Suen, OUHK Council Chairman Dr Eddy Fong and Deputy Chairman Mr Edward Cheung.
Picture 2: Naming Ceremony of Jockey Club Campus (From left): Mr Anthony Chow, Mr T Brian Stevenson and Dr Eddy Fong.
Picture 3: Group photo of officiating party, OUHK former Council Chairmen, OUHK Council Members, Chung Hau Street Campus Site Development Sub-committee Member and major donors.
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