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  OUHK to confer Honorary University Fellowships 21/10/2011

The Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) will award Honorary University Fellowships to Professor Chen Zhi, Professor the Honourable Patrick Lau Sau-shing, Dr Anthony Lee Kai-yiu, Ms Shelley Lee Lai-kuen and Mr Peter Lo Chi-lik in recognition of their outstanding achievements in their respective fields and exceptional contributions to the University and society on Friday, 4 November 2011.

Professor Chen Zhi




Professor Chen Zhi

Professor Chen Zhi graduated from Tsinghua University with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering. He has dedicated his career to teaching, scientific research and education management. As a scientist, Professor Chen has achieved exceptional success in his research on nuclear chemical engineering, ferrous metal technology and the structure of coordination compounds. As an educator, Professor Chen is especially keen to keep students motivated to learn, as he firmly believes in the value of nurturing young people to pursue lifelong learning.

Professor Chen's teaching career focused on nuclear chemical engineering until 1990. From 1988 to 1989, he served as a visiting scholar in the Netherlands, where he studied the structure of the coordination compounds of lanthanides using the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique. After returning to China, he was appointed Director of the Academic Affairs Office and Deputy Registrar of Tsinghua University.

From 2000 to 2002, he served as Vice President of the Zhongguancun Institute for Innovation in Beijing. He also served as the first President of Shunde Polytechnic in Guangdong from 2002 to 2009 and has been its Deputy Party Secretary since 2002.

Under Professor Chen's leadership and in line with his longstanding commitment to lifelong learning, Shunde Polytechnic signed a cooperation agreement with the OUHK in 2004 to launch a Master of Business Administration programme for senior executives in mainland China.

Professor Chen has devoted his time both to education and to scientific research. He has published a number of academic papers and gained a substantial amount of recognition, including winning the second prize of the National Environmental Protection Technology Award and the Second-Class National Teaching Excellence Award.


Professor the Honourable Patrick Lau Sau-shing, SBS, JP
Professor the Honourable Patrick Lau Sau-shing, SBS, JP

Professor Patrick Lau Sau-shing is renowned both for his success as an architect and for his public service to Hong Kong. Born in Macau, he received his primary and secondary education in Hong Kong before studying architecture in Canada and France. He taught architecture at the University of Hong Kong (HKU) from 1973 to 2004, and was Head of the Department of Architecture from 1996 to 2000. Currently, he is Honorary Professor of the Department.

Professor Lau is a Fellow Member and past President of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA). He has won numerous awards, including the Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award in 1984, the HKIA Outstanding Architect Award in 1991 and the Artist of the Year Award in 1999. He has designed many award-winning projects for education, including the University of East Asia in Macau, French International School, Australian International School Hong Kong, and the HKIVE Learning Resources Centre in Sha Tin. Professor Lau has also designed many public projects, such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for the Blind, which won him the Design Award for the Most Accessible Building in Hong Kong in 1989, and the Sam Tung Uk Museum, which won him the Pacific Area Tourist Association Heritage and Cultural Award in 1990.

Professor Lau is a Member of the Legislative Council, representing the Architectural, Surveying and Planning Functional Constituency. He is President of the UNESCO Hong Kong Association and former Chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Infrastructure Development Advisory Committee. He also served as Vice Chairman of the Town Planning Board and as a Member of the Housing Authority and Antiquities Advisory Board.

Professor Lau also served as a Council Member of the OUHK between 2005 and June 2011 and was named an Honorary Fellow of the HKU in 2006. He has been honoured with a Silver Bauhinia Star and appointed Justice of the Peace.


Dr Anthony Lee Kai-yiu
Dr Anthony Lee Kai-yiu

Dr Anthony Lee Kai-yiu, a prominent hospital administrator, is a pioneer in clinical immunology and rheumatology and a leading exponent of hospital accreditation in Hong Kong. A graduate of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree, Dr Lee has made landmark contributions to Hong Kong's medical development.

While teaching at the HKU’s Faculty of Medicine, between 1966 and 1986, Dr Lee pioneered the study of cell-mediated immunity and the application of immuno-fluorescence techniques in detecting auto-antibodies. He was instrumental in establishing clinical immunology and rheumatology as a research discipline in Hong Kong and is the founder of the territory's first rheumatology clinic, which is located at the Queen Mary Hospital.

Dr Lee practised as a consultant and specialist in rheumatology in Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia before the Union Hospital appointed him as Chief Hospital Manager and Medical Director in 1996, a position he still holds today. Under his leadership, the Union Hospital became Hong Kong's first private hospital to obtain ISO accreditation in 1999. Dr Lee also introduced the UK-originated Trent Accreditation Scheme to Hong Kong as a means of upgrading private hospital services, and continues to serve on the scheme's local board.

Since 2007, Dr Lee has been Vice President of the Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association, which he helped found. In the same year, the Union Hospital collaborated with the OUHK to launch a full-time Bachelor of Nursing with Honours in General Health Care programme to help ease the shortage of registered nurses and improve nursing training in Hong Kong.


Ms Shelley Lee Lai-kuen, GBS, OBE, JP
Ms Shelley Lee Lai-kuen, GBS, OBE, JP

Ms Shelley Lee Lai-kuen received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and furthered her education at Harvard University and Tsinghua University. She joined the Hong Kong Government in 1971 and served with distinction in various roles for more than 30 years until she retired in 2005. Her last appointment in the civil service was as Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs.

Ms Lee has long been a keen advocate of women’s and children's rights and welfare. She was instrumental in the founding of the Association of Female Senior Government Officers in 1979 to lobby for equal remuneration terms for married women in the civil service. In 1980, she established the first three Yin Ngai Societies in Hong Kong, with the aim of maximizing the potential of women from grassroots families. Today, there are more than 30 Yin Ngai Societies across the territory, with a membership of over 6,000.

Ms Lee took on a number of voluntary commitments in promoting young people's healthcare, welfare and educational needs, both in Hong Kong and in the mainland. She has helped to co-found and raised funds for many charities over the last two decades, including the Friends of the Lifeline Express, the Golden Jubilee Charity Foundation, the Dragon Foundation, the We Care Education Fund for SARS orphans, and the Hong Kong Committee for the China AIDS Initiative. She has also promoted a number of innovative healthcare-related initiatives in the US and Canada.

Ms Lee has served as a Member of the OUHK's Sponsorship and Development Fund Committee since April 2011. She was made a Littauer Fellow of Harvard Kennedy School in 1985, an Honorary Fellow of the HKU in 2004 and the Academy of Performing Arts in 2006. Ms Lee has been awarded an OBE and a Gold Bauhinia Star, and appointed Justice of the Peace.



Mr Peter Lo Chi-lik

Mr Peter Lo Chi-lik

Mr Peter Lo Chi-lik is a practising solicitor and a partner of Woo Kwan Lee & Lo. After graduating from the University of Hong Kong, Mr Lo obtained his qualification as a solicitor in 1976 and has been in continuous practice in Hong Kong since then.

Mr Lo's principal areas of practice are conveyancing and commercial transactions. He has written on a number of legal topics including conveyancing, law reporting, and constitutional development, and is the author of the chapter 'Sale of Land' in Chitty on Contracts – Hong Kong Specific Contracts.

Mr Lo has held a number of public appointments in various sectors. He has been a Council Member of the Law Society of Hong Kong since 1999 and served as the society’s President from 2005 to 2007. He was a Member of the Hospital Authority from 2005 to March 2011.

An ardent supporter of Hong Kong's cultural development, Mr Lo played cello in the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in his student days and became a Member of its Board of Governors in 2010. He has also served on the Programme Committee of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society since 2006.

Mr Lo served as a Council Member of the OUHK between 2005 and June 2011. During his tenure, he served as Chairman of the Main Tender Board and the Audit Committee. He also helped set up the Students’ Union and taught a course on the English novel Pride and Prejudice written by Jane Austen.


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