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  OUHK Jubilee College Facilities named in recognition of supporters' generous donations 31/03/2014

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The Jubilee College of the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK) has been in operation since last month. The University is indebted to the support of the Hong Kong Government, as well as the generous donations by many philanthropists, friends and alumni who have made the Jubilee College project a big success. A number of naming ceremonies have been held earlier to thank the donors.

The computer centre on the sixth floor of the new campus building has been named after Ms Connie Fong, the University Honorary Fellow cum Alumna, in recognition of her donation of $6.006 million towards the Jubilee College. A naming ceremony was held on 19 March. Ms Fong is a long-term supporter of the OUHK. She had donated towards the Campus Phase II project, set up scholarships and supported students’ exchange activities. The Fong Connie Computer Centre has a gross floor area of over 1,300 square metres and is equipped with more than 250 computers.

Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation has generously donated $20 million to the Jubilee College project. A ceremony was held on 28 March at which the University has named the library at the Jubilee College as Ho Sik Yee Library, according to the wish of the Foundation. Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation has been committed to education development for years. It has supported many development projects of the OUHK, including campus extension project and academic activities. The Ho Sik Yee Library is located on the fifth floor of the Jubilee College building. With a total gross floor area of about 1,350 square meters, the total area of the University's library has expanded by 50 per cent. Not only the book collections and learning resources can further be strengthened, the expanded library has also provided a more spacious environment for students to do revision and discussion.

In recognition of the $6.5 million donation by Dr Bunny Chan, the University's honorary graduand and member of the Sponsorship and Development Fund Committee, the two lecture theatres on the third floor of the new campus building have been named Chan Cheung Tak Lecture Theatre and Chan Ma Ching Heung Lecture Theatre in commemoration of Dr Chan's late parents. The naming ceremony was also held on 28 March. The two lecture theatres have a total area of about 360 square metres with a capacity for 160 people each. They can be used to host large classes, seminars and international conferences.

Located on Chung Hau Street in Ho Man Tin, the Jubilee College will mainly provide full-time programmes in cultural and creative arts, testing and certification and medical services. The annual intake of new college is estimated to be 750, with a total capacity of 2,400 students. There is a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities available at the Jubilee College, including student-oriented setups like Arts studios and laboratories, Testing and Certification Laboratories, Clinical Nursing Education Centre, Auditorium, Active Learning Classrooms and Learning Commons. A canteen and uncovered areas of the campus will be open to the public.

Photo 1:

Ms Connie Fong officiates at the naming ceremony of the Computer Centre.

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Group photo of the guests from Wu Jieh Yee Charitable Foundation.

Photo 3:

Dr and Mrs Bunny Chan presents a cheque to the OUHK.
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