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The Open University of Hong Kong
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'Infinity 30' Fundraising Campaign
'Infinity 30' Fundraising Campaign
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In the past 30 years, the OUHK has evolved from primarily a distance learning institution to become a full-fledged university providing wide range of programmes-full-time and part-time, undergraduate and postgraduate-to nurture talents for our society. The University has also undertaken significant campus expansion to bring students more space and a better learning environment. The growth of the University would not have been possible without the ardent support of alumni, students, teachers and the community.


    30 years of transformation

    OUHK’s latest development

Studying at the OUHK was a significant step in my life. Not only did it enrich my knowledge, it was also a great help in my career development. I started donating on a regular basis in 2001 in order to give back to my alma mater for the opportunities it has given me. I hope my humble contribution will help advance the OUHK’s developments, spur on younger fellows, and most importantly, inspire my fellow alumni to pass on this spirit of sharing!

My four years at the OUHK have been most rewarding. Big thanks to my teachers for their patient guidance, which helped me to improve academically, utilize my talents and broaden my horizons. The opportunity to present a paper in an academic conference in Kyoto was particularly memorable. I’m very glad to have been awarded the Alumni Scholarship — that surely was important recognition for my efforts.


My salary is not high, and I feel fortunate to have the support from the Alumni Bursary which allowed me to fulfil my pursuit of higher professional qualifications without placing a financial burden on my family. I will study even harder and keep contributing to Hong Kong’s childhood education. My heartfelt thanks to all benefactors!



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