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    OUHK Announcements

    Teaching and Learning Arrangements for 2021 Summer Term (Circular 42)  08/04/2021

    Dear Students,

    We hope you are doing well and your study in the 2021 Spring Term is progressing smoothly.

    I am writing to share with you the University’s plan for learning and teaching in the 2021 Summer Term, which will start on 15 June 2021 for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes; and on 28 June 2021 for part-time distance learning programmes.

    1. Lectures and Tutorials

    In view of the recent improvement of the pandemic situation, the University will adopt mixed-mode teaching for both lectures and tutorials for the 2021 Summer Term. Lectures and tutorials will basically be delivered by face-to-face and real-time interactive modes simultaneously^. As in this term, interactive mode will be conducted by using Zoom.

    Students have the option of attending the lectures and tutorials in person while maintaining social distancing* in the classroom or attending classes online. Non-local students should decide their travel plan according to their personal situation and closely monitor the quarantine requirements imposed by the Hong Kong SAR Government. Non-local students are welcome to consult the latest information on Covid-19 website.

    ^ Some postgraduate courses may have special arrangements. Please pay attention to the email announcement by the respective School / instructor.

    * The University will make every effort to allow all students to choose to attend classes in person. However, in case the class size of some courses become too big for all students to attend classes in person while maintaining social distancing, some students may have to be placed in an overflow classroom to attend classes by real-time interactive mode. The University will make necessary arrangements based on the corresponding situation.

    2. Laboratory Sessions, Practicums and Others

    Laboratory Sessions and Practicum will be conducted in small groups as appropriate. Schools will make suitable arrangement for individual courses and inform students separately.

    3. Course Assessment

    In addition to continuous assessment, where applicable, course assessment can take the form of on-campus written examination, online examination or take-home examination / assignment etc. as deemed appropriate and necessary. Announcement of the form of examination will be made well in advance of the examination period. Students who have difficulty in attending on-campus examination in person are encouraged to contact their instructors for assistance once the examination arrangement is known.

    Please keep observing social distancing and maintaining good personal and environmental hygiene practices. Take care and stay healthy!


    Reggie Kwan

    (LiPACE students will receive email notifications from School / Course Instructors separately.)

    Full resumption of normal service and work arrangements with effect from 18 February 2021 (Circular 41)  17/02/2021
    Updated Learning and Teaching Arrangements for 2021 Spring Term (Circular 40)  10/02/2021
    Gradual resumption of normal service and work arrangements (Circular 39)  29/01/2021
    Extension of Special Work Arrangements till 29 January 2021 (Circular 38)  21/01/2021
    Extension of Special Work Arrangements till 22 January 2021 (Circular 37)  07/01/2021
    Extension of Special Work Arrangements till 8 January 2021 (Circular 36)  29/12/2020
    Announcement on Learning and teaching arrangements for 2021 Spring Term (Circular 35)  17/12/2020
    Extension of Special Work Arrangements till 31 December 2020 (Circular 34)  14/12/2020
    Confirmed COVID-19 case (Circular 33)  14/12/2020
    Potential COVID-19 case (Circular 32)  11/12/2020
    Updated learning and teaching arrangements for 2020 Autumn term (Circular 31)  01/12/2020
    Special Work Arrangements from 2 to 15 December 2020 (Circular 30)  01/12/2020
    Announcement on Flexible Work Arrangements for Staff (Circular 29)  27/11/2020
    Resumption of normal operations from Monday, 14 September 2020 (Circular 28)  11/09/2020
    Updates on Learning and Teaching Arrangements for Autumn Term, 2020/21 (Circular 27)  10/09/2020
    Gradual resumption of normal operations from Monday, 31 August 2020 (Circular 26)  28/08/2020
    Announcement on Special Work Arrangements (Circular 25)  21/08/2020
    Announcement on a staff COVID-19 case (Circular 24)  21/08/2020
    Extension of Special Work Arrangements (Up to 23 August 2020) (Circular 23)  14/08/2020
    Extension of Special Work Arrangements (Up to 16 August 2020) ) (Circular 22)  07/08/2020
    Extension of Special Work Arrangements (Up to 9 August 2020) (Circular 21)  31/07/2020
    Updated Learning and Teaching Arrangements for Autumn Term, 2020/21 (Circular 20)  27/07/2020
    Special Work Arrangements till 2 August 2020 (Circular 19)  24/07/2020
    Special Work Arrangements till 26 July 2020 (Circular 18)  19/07/2020
    Message from the Provost on teaching and learning arrangement (Circular 17)  16/07/2020
    Announcement on Flexible Work Arrangements for Staff (Up to 28 July 2020) (Circular 16)  14/07/2020
    Resumption of normal business and work arrangements (Circular 15)  17/04/2020
    Special Work Arrangements 6-19 April 2020 (Circular 14)  03/04/2020
    A new confirmed COVID-19 case  31/03/2020
    Confirmed case of COVID-19  28/03/2020
    Special Work Arrangements 23 March – 5 April 2020 (Circular 13)  22/03/2020
    Declaration of Travel History - Updated arrangement  20/03/2020
    Declaration of Travel History  18/03/2020
    Latest update on online learning and assessment (Circular 12)  11/03/2020
    Resumption of Normal Business and Work Arrangements (Circular 11)  28/02/2020
    Message from the Provost on teaching, learning and work arrangements (Circular 10)  21/02/2020
    Special Work Arrangements on Novel Coronavirus (Circular 9)  14/02/2020
    Message from the Provost on teaching and learning arrangement (Circular 8)  12/02/2020
    Special Work Arrangements on Novel Coronavirus (Circular 7)  07/02/2020
    Message from OUHK President to students (Chinese version only)  06/02/2020
    Message from the Provost (Circular 6)  04/02/2020
    Special Work Arrangements on Novel Coronavirus (Circular 5)  01/02/2020
    OUHK announces further suspension of face-to-face classes (Circular 4)  31/01/2020
    OUHK announces measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) (Circular 3)  28/01/2020
    OUHK announces suspension of face-to-face classes (Circular 2)  25/01/2020
    Precautionary measures regarding the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) (Circular 1)  24/01/2020
    Message from OUHK President to students, staff and alumni  17/01/2020
    Pneumonia Case Precaution and Security Control  17/01/2020
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