Curriculum Vitae
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Professor Yuk-Shan Wong

2017.11.3   Honorary University Fellowship Presentation Ceremony
2017.10.27   Symposium on Open and Innovative Education
2017.8.29   2017 Inauguration Ceremony for New Students
2017.8.1   The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Kickoff Ceremony of Leaders to Leaders 2017
2017.7.6   香港中國婦女會馮堯敬紀念中學畢業典禮 (in Chinese only)
2017.6.29   The Third International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies
2017.6.27   風采中學畢業典禮 (in Chinese only)
2017.4.23   Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Business Sustainability and Risk Management Case Analysis Competition
2017.4.17   Inauguration Ceremony of The 17th Student Society of Business and Administration
2017.4.5   第九屆香港公開大學學生會創意寫作與電影藝術學會就職典禮 (in Chinese only)
2016.12.12   Vote of Thanks by President at the Launching Ceremony of "Institute of International Business and Governance" (IIBG)
2016.11.22   25th Congregation Ceremony
2016.11.8   Consumers International Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2016
2016.11.6   Launch Ceremony of "Adopt a Water Buddy Program"
2016.11.4   Honorary University Fellowship Presentation Ceremony
2016.10.24   "Ibsen Between Cultures: China" Seminar, Lecture, and Book Launch
2016.8.27   香港輔助警察隊2016年度第一期特別基本訓練課程結業會操典禮 (in Chinese only)
2016.8.26   Sponsorship & Bursary Awards Presentation (in Chinese only)
2016.7.6   Open Ceremony of International Conference on Open and Flexible Education (ICOFE 2016)
2016.5.27   Speech Day of Tak Sun Secondary School
2016.4.22   Launching Ceremony of Carbon Reduction in Hong Kong
2016.4.10   第十一屆護理學會候任內閣凝護Co-Here就職及交接典禮 (in Chinese only)
2016.4.9   The 16th Inauguration Ceremony of Student Society of Business Administration
2016.1.23   香港開放教科書發佈會 (in Chinese only)
2016.1.16   「冠上。銀髮」系列 嚐耆體驗營 首映禮 (in Chinese only)
2016.1.12   Award Presentation Ceremony and Annual Dinner of Hong Kong Sino-British Fellowship Trust Scholars’ Association
2015.12.17   Launch of OUHK Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities
2015.12.15   24th Congregation Ceremony
2015.11.30   Opening Ceremony of Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU) Conference 2015
2015.11.19   Consumers International 20th World Congress in Brazilia
2015.11.7   Testing & Certification Day cum Launching Ceremony of RPL under Qualifications Framework for Testing, Inspection & Certification Industry (in Chinese only)
2015.11.6   Honorary University Fellowship Presentation Ceremony (in Chinese only)
2015.10.29   Launch of OUHK Tin Ka Ping Centre of Chinese Culture (in Chinese only)
2015.10.29   First Lecture of OUHK Great Speaker Series by Prof. Chang Hsin Kang on the topic of “Silk Road: Past, Present & Future” (in Chinese only)
2015.9.1   Student Orientation Day
2015.8.25   2014-15年度獎助學金頒授典禮 (in Chinese only)
2015.7.28   香港公開大學李嘉誠專業進修學院第十一屆「自在人生自學計劃」畢業典禮 (in Chinese only)
2015.7.18   賽馬會社區健康教育計劃社區健康日暨賽馬會社區守望相助課程畢業典禮 (in Chinese only)
2015.7.17   Making Learning Mobile & Ubiquitous, Closing Remarks at the Closing Ceremony of the International Conferences on Open and Flexible Education
2015.7.9   香港公開大學創新科技與持續發展研究所成立典禮暨「香港創新科技及環保產業的發展:機遇和挑戰」論壇 (in Chinese only)
2015.7.8   Speech at the Speech Day of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
2015.6.27   香港培正中學   畢業典禮      香港公開大學黃玉山校長講辭 (in Chinese only)
2015.5.30   Speech at the Graduation Ceremony of Pui Kiu College
2015.5.27   與南方科技大學簽訂合作備忘錄 (in Chinese only)
2015.5.23   裝備自己   活出精彩      田家炳中學畢業典禮致辭 (in Chinese only)
2015.4.25   為花樣年華   作生涯規劃      家庭與學校合作事宜委員會周年研討會曁頒奬典禮主題演講 (in Chinese only)
2015.3.22   Inauguration Ceremony of the Student of Language and Translation Society, OUHK Address by Prof. Yuk-Shan Wong
2015.2.10   馬年十大消費新聞選舉結果公布及頒獎典禮 消費者委員會主席黃玉山教授致辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.12.8   Address by the President, Professor Yuk-Shan Wong, BBS, JP At the OUHK's 23rd Congregation Ceremony
2014.12.6   高中應用學習奬學金(2013-14學年)頒奬典禮暨分享會 香港公開大學黃玉山校長致辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.12.5   Opening Address at the Discussion Forum for "Electricity Market Development" organized by Hong Kong Consumer Council
2014.12.5   文理書院頒獎禮 香港公開大學黃玉山校長致辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.12.2   文學人生 幻覺現實 歡迎莫言博士重臨母校 黃玉山校長致辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.11.12   President Yuk-Shan Wong's Opening Remarks at the Testing and Certification Conference 2014
2014.10.28   Professor Yuk-Shan Wong's Welcoming Remarks at Opening Ceremony of AAOU 2014
2014.10.22   香港高等教育如何維持國際優勢論壇 香港公開大學黃玉山校長發言 (in Chinese only)
2014.9.20   校長於香港公開大學25周年展覽開幕儀式致辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.9.20   香港公開大學李嘉誠專業進修學院 專業進修課程畢業典禮上的致辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.9.16   校長厦門/福州晚宴演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.9.1   President's speech on 2014 Student Orientation Day
2014.8.27   在2013-14年度獎助學金頒授典禮上的謝辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.8.1   在第四屆香港公開大學長者學苑畢業典禮上的歡迎辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.7.22   在第十五屆消費文化考察報告獎及第四屆第三齡消費文化考察報告獎聯合頒獎典禮上的歡迎辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.7.19   在賽馬會社區健康教育計劃‧社區健康日開幕典禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.7.18   在第十四屆消費權益新聞報道獎頒獎禮暨午餐會上的歡迎辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.7.14   在第三屆公開大學扶輪青年服務團交職典禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.7.5   "Life is a process of Learning" ─ Speech at the Speech Day of True Light Middle School
2014.7.3   「應該開始回顧及檢視新高中課程」─ 在仁愛堂田家炳中學畢業典禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.7.2   Welcoming speech at the Opening Ceremony of the Inaugural International Conference on Technology in Education (ICTE 2014)
2014.6.21   在2014年開放日開幕禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.6.18   在三聯書店中環店2014全新形象開幕典禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.6.14   在進修策劃日詹德隆先生主講之「改善英國語文能力的竅門」講座上的歡迎辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.6.9   在李嘉誠專業進修學院第十屆「自在人生自學計劃」畢業典禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.6.5   在「卓越名人演講系列」梁定邦博士主講之「法治與人治」講座上的歡迎辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.5.30   "Graduation is a commencement" ─ Speech at the Speech Day of Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College
2014.5.30   「國際化的要義在於開拓學生的視野」─ 在裘錦秋中學聯校畢業典禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.5.28   Welcoming speech at the International Conference on Biodiversity and Conservation of Wetland in South China – From Preservation to Green Development (ICBCWSC 2014)
2014.5.26   「二十一世紀青年人必備的素質」─ 在賽馬會毅智書院2013-2014年度畢業典禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.5.25   在繽紛銀禧校友日的歡迎辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.5.24   「終身學習,積極進取」─ 在勞工子弟中學畢業禮上的演辭 (in Chinese only)
2014.5.13   Address at the Installation of the Fifth President of the Open University of Hong Kong

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