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13 December 2021 Symposium on Smart Transport and Green Financing in the Greater Bay Area
15 July 2021 Research Seminar on ‘E-Mental Health in Times of Crisis and Beyond’ (Online)
9 July 2021Research Seminar on ‘Case Studies of Innovative Smart Transportation and Green Finance: Implications for the Greater Bay Area’ (Online)
18 June 2021Research Seminar on ‘Enhancement of Material Properties by Plasma Treatment, Nanomaterials & Meta-structures’ (Online)
4 June 2021Research Seminar on ‘Emerging Research and Implementation Challenges of Green Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Smart Transportation’ (Hybrid)
17 April 2021Seminar on ‘Sustainable Textile Materials in Fashion Design’ (Online)
19 March 2021Research Seminar on ‘Advanced Materials With Superior Properties: Mesophase Pitch, Nanocomposites & Metamaterials’ (Online)
13 January 2021Research Seminar on ‘How can the diabetic retinopathy screening be provided to the diabetic population in Hong Kong by considering the equity and efficiency?’ (Online)
8 January 2021Research Seminar on ‘Advanced Design of Robotic and Thermal Systems’ (Online)
8 January 2021Research Seminar on ‘Colorectal Screening for Older Adults in Hong Kong’ (Online)
25 September 2020Research Seminar on ‘Adaptive Control of Vehicle Yaw Stability by using Active Front Steering System and Extreme Learning Machine’ (Online)
25 September 2020Research Seminar on ‘Indirect Evaporative Cooler Design for Efficient Energy Recovery in Air-conditioning Systems’ (Online)
25 September 2020Research Seminar on ‘Strength Enhancement of Stainless Steel 304 through Surface Mechanical Attribution Treatment (SMAT)’ (Online)
25 September 2020Research Seminar on ‘Incentive Policy Mechanism and Financial Subsidies for EV Industry in China’ (Online)
4 August 2020Research Seminar on ‘Medical Tourism and Wellbeing Perception of HK Senior Citizens’ and ‘Wellness Tourism in Thailand’ (Online)
30 July 2020Research Seminar on ‘Assessing Population Health Needs’ (Online)
29 June 2020Research Seminar on ‘Development of Artificial Intelligence embedded Aircraft Scheduling Decision Support System for Hangar Shop in Aircraft Maintenance Company’ (Online)
29 June 2020Research Seminar on ‘3D-Printing of Bio-inspired Composites’ (Online)
29 June 2020Research Seminar on ‘Sound Absorption Performance of 3D Spacer Fabrics in Composite Structures’ (Online)
22 May 2020Research Seminar on ‘eHealth in Elderly’ (Online)
29 April 2020Research Seminar on ‘The Roadmap for the CPCE to Becoming University’ (Online)
29 April 2020Research Seminar on ‘Industrial Opportunities over Pandemic Episode’ (Online)
29 April 2020Research Seminar on ‘A Vision Based Pedestrian Counting System Using Edge Computing Technique’ (Online)
13 January 2020CPCE Health Conference 2020
10 April 2019Research Seminar on ‘End of Life Issues’
4 March 2019Research Seminar on ‘The creation of a dementia-friendly community in Singapore’
14 January 2019CPCE Health Conference 2019
12 December 2018Research Seminar on ‘Price Regulation of Generics and Drug Shortages’
24 November 2018Seminar Series on ‘Energizing Urban Spaces and Sustainable Placemaking Strategies’
22 November 2018Seminar on ‘Mindful Emotion Regulation: Recent Neural and Behavioral Evidence of Effectiveness’
19 November 2018Workshop on Innovative Education
29 October 2018The 3rd Social Development Conference – The Power of Sharing: How Social Economy Could Contribute to Community Building
4 October 2018Public Lecture on ‘Test Adaptation in a Shrinking World’
4 October 2018Workshop on ‘Evaluating Testing with Reference to Individuals with Disabilities’
29 September 2018Seminar Series on ‘Strategic Design, Landscape and Environmental Approaches’
16–18 July 2018A Social Neuroscience Perspective: From Antisocial to Prosocial Behavior
4–6 July 20182018 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education (ICOIE 2018)
3–6 July 2018Open and Innovative Education Week
7–9 June 2018Applying Positive Neuroscience in Designing Evidence-based Mental Health Practice
28 May 2018Research Symposium on Cultural Influences on Business
19 May 2018Seminar Series on ‘Urban Sustainability – Smart City and Livability’
26 April 2018Seminar on Connecting Neuroscience with Meaning in Life
21 April 2018From Research and Scholarly Work to Educating Professional Accountants: Exploring the Growing Relevance of Sustainability Accounting
20 April 2018Publishing in Refereed International Journals in the Areas of CSR, Business Ethics and Sustainability Accounting: A Workshop for Emerging Scholars
12 April 2018Seminar on Positive Neuroscience: Genes and Well-being
4 April 2018Seminar cum Workshop on Publishing Your Research in Digital Media – The Challenge and Benefits
16 March 2018Distinguished Professor Lecture on Chinese Journal System and the Trend of Research on Technology in Education in Mainland China

14 March 2018Distinguished Professor Lecture on Tips and Strategies for Publishing Papers in SSCI Journals
8–9 March 2018Workshops on Financial/Economic Analytics
27 February 2018Collaborative Practice Research Workshop: How to Assess Social Impact? A Training Workshop of Introduction to Social Impact Measurement Models
27 February 2018Seminar on Brain Plasticity and Human Potentials: Optimizing Performance of Individuals and Teams with Interactive Neuro-enhancement Technologies
1 February 2018Workshop: Graphs and Collaboration Networks
1 February 2018Workshop: Potential Games and Transportation Models
31 January 2018Public Lecture: Networking Games and Applications
25 January 2018Social Development Seminar on Making Sense of What Social Impact Assessment Is: Merits, Significance and Prospects
9 January 2018DLC Conference: Insights on Deep Learning
4–5 December 2017CSEAR North-Asia Hong Kong Conference (Call for Papers)
29 November 2017Social Economy in Hong Kong – Seminar and Workshop
23 November 2017Seminar Series: Internet of Things with Data Science
22 November 2017Maritime and Aviation Logistics Law Workshop Series III - Privacy: a charter party case study
21 November 2017Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities in Maritime Disputes
15 November 2017Interdisciplinary Research Day
3 November 2017Social Development Conference 2017: Social Enterprise and Social Economy
24 October 2017Seminar on Achieving Methodological Rigour In Qualitative Research
24 October 2017Workshop on Designing Interdisciplinary Corpus Research
24 October 2017Seminar on Interdisciplinary and Discipline-specific Corpus Research
21 October 2017Planting and Landscape Design for Better Life 城市綠化基建研討會系列 之三 :優化種植及園境設計 (Website)
20 October 2017[Research Workshop]
Interdisciplinary Evidence Based Practice: How to Accomplish It
19 October 2017Seminar Series: Blockchain-Driven Validation in Supply Chain Applications
19 October 2017[Public Lecture]
Interdisciplinary Evidence Based Practice: What it is, Why it matters, What you need to know
17 October 2017Workshop on How Maritime and Shipping Law Can Benefit Business and Maintain Hong Kong's Competitive Edge
11 October 2017Prayer, Passion and the Phenomenology of Religion
9 October 2017The Phenomenological & Hermeneutic Human and Social Sciences
21 September 2017Seminar Series: How VR and AR Can Bring Innovation and Productivity to Enterprise?
12 September 2017Seminars on Decision Making and Negotiation
8 September 2017Seminar on Corpus-based Research Methodology and its Applications
On the Study of Co-occurrence in Corpus Data: Against Frequency and Towards a More Multi-dimensional View”
8 September 2017Workshop on “Designing Discipline-specific Corpus-based Research: Lessons from Corpus Linguistics”
31 August 2017Research Talk on How Deep Learning (Artificial Intelligence) Affects Our Life
24 August 2017Seminar Series: Some Recent Research and Teaching Activities in Smart City Operations Management
23 August 2017Seminar on Achieving Methodological Rigour in Qualitative Research
3–4 August 2017Symposium of Taxation: The Era of BEPS
15 July 2017Seminars on Urban green infrastructure – enhancing ecosystem services and biodiversity
城市綠化基建研討會系列 之二:建構富生物多樣性和健康的城市空間
12–14 July 20172017 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education (ICOIE 2017)
11–14 July 2017Open and Innovative Education Week
7–8 July 2017Symposium on Intelligent Supply Chain Management

23 June 2017Seminar Series: Data Analytics for Knowledge Management in Design Engineering (Details)
3 June 2017QESS Conference 2017 – Integrating Multimedia into the Higher Education Classroom: Engaging Students in Interactive Learning (Registration form)
25–26 May 2017International Workshop on Shadow Silk Road: Non-state Flow of Commodity, Capital, and People Across Eurasia
19 May 2017International Conference on the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of HKSAR - Retrospect and Prospect on Public Policies, Administration and Management
(Programme Rundown)
9 May 2017Lectures on Choosing Suitable Mediation Tools and Achieving Results, and Into the Breach: Ethics and Decision-Making in a Real and Virtual World
20 April 2017A Lecture on Martial Arts, Mindfulness, Meta-Model and Metaphor: Exploring the Multi-Disciplinary Nature of Mediation
13 April 2017Seminar on Design for Manufacture in AEC to Achieve Lean Manufacturing
1 April 2017Seminar on Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Trees in Urban Spaces 城市綠化基建研討會系列 之一 :都市樹木生態系統服務
30 March 2017Seminar on Half-year Aftermath of Hanjin Shipping - Cross-border insolvency, Legal dispute settlement and Insurance claims
13 March 2017Seminar on Corpus: Promises, Challenges, and Research Directions
10 March 2017A Seminar on Authenticity in Brand Marketing : A Chinese Perspective 中國人看品牌營銷的真偽
10 March 2017Workshop on Responsible Investment: Financial Data Science and Deep Data for Responsible Investors
10 March 2017Workshop on Responsible Investment: Emerging Global Research Agendas on Investing in Renewable and Sustainable Energy
24 February 2017A Lecture on Mediation
20 February 2017Workshop on Analyzing Social Media and Learning Through Content and Social Network Analysis: A Faceted Methodological Approach
13 February 2017Workshop on Beverage Product Carbon Footprint - Mapping and Calculation of a Beverage Product
8 February 2017Workshop: How to write a good law case report for business practitioners?
16 January 2017The CPCE Health Conference 2017
(Free to register)
14 December 2016Workshop: Internet plus Education or Education plus Internet? – The Latest Research Trends of Online-Learning and Technology-Enhanced Learning in Mainland China
8 December 2016Workshop on Systemic Implementation of Learning Analytics in Higher Education: Challenges and Directions
30 November 2016Workshop on Blended Learning: Approaches, Trends, Research and Publication Opportunities
25 November 2016Public lecture on Game Theory in Business: Implications for Professional Practices
10 November 2016Seminar: Research on Effective Practices of Mobile Learning
20 October 2016Seminar on Learning Analytics from Readiness to Implementation
23 August 2016Workshop on Demonstration of Mobile Learning Research in Specific Disciplines
23 August 2016Seminar on Mobile Learning Research in Specific Disciplines
6–8 July 20162016 International Conference on Open and Flexible Education (ICOFE 2016)
5–8 July 2016Open and Innovative Education Week
17 June 2016Revealing neuro-computational mechanisms of reinforcement learning and decision-making with the hBayesDM package
16 June 2016Challenges and promises for translating neuro-computational tools into clinical practice
27 April 2016Events on Theories of Mobile Learning and their Applications
22 April 2016Judgment in Managing Risk: The One-Belt One-Road Initiative, Business Opportunities, and Risk Management
16 April 2016Strategies for Enhancing Quality Assurance in Teaching and Learning(A QESS Conference)
14 April 2016Seminar on the Technology of Learning Analytics