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Date Event
18 August 2021 QESS Online Synchronous Lesson on ‘Online Collaboration for Design Thinking’
13 August 2021 QESS Teacher Workshop on ‘Research Opportunities and Knowledge Transfer on the Changing Learning Landscape for a Better New Normal’ (Hybrid)
15 July 2021 QESS Teacher Seminar on ‘The Future of MOOCs Post-COVID Pandemic’ (Hybrid)
13 July 2021 QESS Teacher Seminar on ‘Blended Learning in the Post Covid-19 Era: Opportunities, Challenges and Good Practices’ (Hybrid)
24 May 2021 QESS Teacher Seminar on ‘Effective Teaching Strategies in Online and Face-to-face Classes’ (Hybrid)
25 November 2020 QESS Online Conference 2020 on ‘Resources and Methods: Education Application of Free and Open Source Software during the Pandemic’ (Abstracts)
18 November 2020 10th Asian Logistics, Maritime and Aviation Conference (ALMAC) – Closing Plenary Forum (Online)
2, 10 & 18 September 2020 IROPINE Seminar Series on ‘Innovative and Effective Teaching during COVID-19’ (Online)