Dr Kam-cheong Li
Director, University Research Centre

Message from the Director of URC

The results of this year’s applications for research funding from the Research Grants Council (RGC) have been announced, and I am pleased to inform colleagues that the University has achieved the following:

We are the only institution that has kept receiving funding from the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) in all four years and one of the two institutions obtaining an IDS grant this year.
There has been a 4% increase in our success rate in the Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) this year compared with the last year.
The total of the grants has increased from around $8 million last year to around $9 million this year.

The University would like to foster a more research active culture and it has decided to further encourage the submission of proposals to RGC. Soon, you will hear good news about the University's measures to encourage participation in FDS.

It is expected that RGC will call for proposals again in early November. Colleagues who intend to apply for the funding should now be busy preparing or polishing their proposals. URC will do its best to help you prepare applications for RGC funding. Seminars on the preparation of research grant proposals will be held this month and next month, and you are welcome to attend them. Please also feel free to contact us if you or your research team would like to discuss any research related issues.

In addition, I would like to strongly encourage colleagues who have not succeeded in obtaining funding this year and the last year to resubmit their proposals after revising them in light of the comments received. Our statistics suggest that resubmitted proposals have a higher chance of success.

While it is important that colleagues seek funding from internal and external sources, I would like to emphasize the importance of publishing research papers. Publication facilitates the exchange of findings among researchers, and inspires investigations that advance human knowledge. From a more self-serving perspective, the quality and quantity of an academic’s publications is regarded as a key measure of his/her research and academic ability. Research track records play a decisive role in an academic's career advancement.

I would like to offer a gentle reminder here that the University also offers financial support for language editing and publication fees for journal articles. Colleagues are encouraged to publish their research outputs.

The publication of research findings, while important, does not signify the end of any ‘paper journey’. After publishing a research paper, efforts need to be made to disseminate and promote it. Optimizing the discoverability of your research could enhance its visibility, citation rate and impact. In this issue, we have a feature article which focuses on how researchers can publicize their research outputs in the three stages of the ‘paper journey’. More information on promoting your research is also available in the Research Resources section of this issue of the Bulletin.

Another highlight is an interview with Dr Eden Li from the School of Arts and Social Science, who shares with us factors leading to the success of his application for FDS funding. I am sure many colleagues will find his tips useful.

Enjoy reading on.



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