Dr Kam-cheong Li
Director, University Research Centre

Message from the Director of URC

For most academics, summer is an excellent time for engaging in research activities. If colleagues wish to apply for the coming round of the Research Grants Council (RGC) funding, such as the Faculty Development Scheme, I encourage you to start early in preparing your proposal.

You may make good use of this summer to develop collaborative networks. Research collaboration has been strongly encouraged by the RGC in its funding schemes for the local self-financing degree sector, which may be in the form of research projects or sharing research facilities with other academics or institutions. This allows you to enhance the breadth and depth of your research through accessing a broader range of knowledge and resources of collaborators, which will lead to more fruitful research outputs. If you are interested in this, the University’s Research Resources Portal (in the part on ‘Collaborative networks’) provides useful resources for helping you to reap the benefits of research collaboration.

You are also recommended to apply for the University’s research funding as your seed money for research. The Research and Development Fund, approved by the President’s Advisory Committee on Research and Development, is now open for application. The application deadline is 7 August 2017, and relevant documents and details can be obtained here. I encourage colleagues to submit applications for the funding, which helps you to lay the foundation for obtaining funding for projects on a larger scale from external sources.

This issue of the Research Bulletin continues to provide you with the latest developments in research in the University; our colleague’s sharing of research experience; and useful resources for research. The feature article in this issue introduces ways to optimize your research publications for search engines to make your research more discoverable on the internet. Another highlight is an interview with Dr Charles Kwong, Associate Dean in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, who shares his experience in applying for the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme and how he strives to achieve excellence in both research and teaching. I hope you enjoy reading this issue of the Research Bulletin and wish you all a fruitful research journey this summer.



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