Dr Kam-cheong Li
Director, University Research Centre

Message from the Director of URC

I am pleased to bring you the second 2017 issue of the OUHK’s Research Bulletin, which keeps you updated on our latest research efforts and successes.

The 2017/18 round of applications for RGC grants has ended, with the University submitting 27 proposals. I sincerely appreciate the work of colleagues who have prepared proposals and wish them the best of luck in obtaining funding for their projects. Also, the results of the last round of applications for the Katie Shu Sui Pui Charitable Trust – Research and Publication Fund (Applied Research) have been released. Five projects obtained funding, and I extend my congratulations to the relevant colleagues.

In February 2017, the University began to offer support for the editing and publication of research articles. Full-time academics who are the sole authors or the first (or corresponding) authors of research articles to be submitted to, or accepted by, refereed journals are eligible to apply for this grant. I strongly encourage colleagues to make good use of this grant to enhance their professional and academic standing. The relevant guidelines and application form for the grant are available at the relevant URC webpage and you may click HERE for the details. However, be careful to avoid any predatory publications when selecting journals for publishing your research articles. An information sheet on resources and criteria for identifying predatory journals and publishers is also available on the webpage.

Our Research Handbook has recently been produced and given to academics as a handy reference. It covers key information on applying for available research grants, how to conduct research effectively, and relevant policies and guidelines.

Last but not least, various major scholarly events will be held in the coming months which will allow colleagues to stay abreast of the latest developments in the relevant fields and develop academic networks. The Research Institute for Digital Culture and Humanities will organize its 2017 Conferences on Digital Humanities and Digital Culture in June; and the Institute for Research in Open and Innovative Education will hold its 2017 International Conference on Open and Innovative Education in July. Also, our Schools and Research Institutes will be organizing other upcoming activities. These events will provide fruitful academic discussion and enjoyable meetings with local and overseas experts.



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