Dr Kam-cheong Li
Director, University Research Centre

Message from the Director of URC

I am glad to see that this issue brings us to the third volume, or the third year, of our Research Bulletin. This newsletter will go on providing our colleagues with research related news and information.

As we are a teaching and self-financing institution, our academic colleagues’ teaching load is generally high. However, this does not mean that we cannot do well in both teaching and research at the same time. A good number of our colleagues are highly active in their research projects and publications, and are also performing well in their heavy teaching. They find pleasure and excitement in their research — the more they research, the more they enjoy the process. Research is an integral part of our lives as academics. No matter how busy we are, as members of a University — a place for creating new knowledge — let’s do our best to contribute to achieving one of our key missions: research.

The University now has five research institutes and there are Distinguished Professors in each institute. We now have 21 Distinguished Professors, who are available to provide academics advice and guidance in specific disciplines. They are like treasure troves waiting for us to tap into.

As Professor Reggie Kwan mentions in his article, the University is taking various new measures to support research. For example, it will provide financial support to School academics for the publication of research article. Colleagues who have no relevant grant support from project funding will soon be able to seek a grant for the language editing and publication fees of their journal articles. The details of this grant will be announced in the coming months. I am grateful to the senior management for this initiative which will assist our academic colleagues to build their profiles.

Most of our staff who intend to apply for RGC funding have now finished preparing their proposals. I wish them the best of luck in obtaining funding in this round of applications. Other than funding from the RGC, there is a range of other external research funding schemes to which colleagues are encouraged to apply, if applicable. Some of these schemes, including the Health and Medical Research Fund, are now calling for applications; and a number of others — such as the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme and the Quality Education Fund — are open for applications throughout the year. More information about external funding schemes can be found on the relevant webpage in the URC website. Colleagues are strongly encouraged to submit applications for research funding.

The URC will continue to do its best to provide academic research support to colleagues. Looking ahead, I hope you are as thrilled as I am about the coming research activities. I take this opportunity to wish you all a fruitful, productive and joyful 2017!



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