Dr Polly Lao Kam-ling

Interview with Dr Lao Kam-ling

Dr Lao Kam-ling is an Assistant Professor in the School of Education and Languages. She was one of the successful applicants for the 2015 Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) supported by the Research Grants Council (RGC). Her project aims to investigate the nature of knowledge which Hong Kong’s early childhood teachers need for developing children’s early mathematical concepts under the influence of technology.

Dr Lao explained that innovation could be one of the major factors leading to the success of her research proposal. Based on her literature review, she found that the current research on mathematics education rarely focuses on teacher knowledge in early childhood education, and seldom takes the influence of technology into consideration. Therefore, she tried to develop a teacher knowledge framework for early childhood mathematics education to fill the research gaps.

As an academic with most of the work devoted to teaching, Dr Lao expressed the importance of time management for conducting research. She shared her practice of allocating a time slot every week for taking a good rest in order to prepare herself for new tasks. However, thanks to the support provided by her family, she can spend more time concentrating on her research.

For young academics who have just graduated, Dr Lao recommended that they should try to carry out research and not to be afraid of revising their proposals in the light of feedback. She shared her experience of writing the FDS research proposal, which underwent various rounds of major revision. As she revised her proposal, she became much clearer about her research ideas and better ways of presenting them, which helped her proposal to be successful.



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