Successful RGC proposal (2015)

The Research Grants Council (RGC) has three Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the local self-financing degree sector. They are the:

Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) – for building up the research capacity of the institutions in their strategic areas;
Inter-Institutional Development Scheme (IIDS) – for enhancing academics’ research capability and keeping them abreast of new developments and challenging research topics in relevant fields; and
Faculty Development Scheme (FDS) – for developing the research capability of individual academics, so that they can transfer their research experiences and new knowledge into teaching and learning.

The schemes started granting research funding last year. This year, in the RGC’s second round of funding of the schemes, we obtained very good results.

This second round of funding received applications from 12 self-financing institutions – five more than in the first round. Despite the keen competition, the OUHK performed well in all three schemes. We submitted a total of 30 proposals to the three schemes (one to IDS, two to IIDS and 27 to FDS) and 11 of them were funded.

The following is a summary of our achievements this year. We have:

the second highest amount of total funding ($17 million);
the second highest amount of IDS funding ($12 million);
the highest success rate in IIDS (100%); and
an improved success rate in FDS (this year: 30%; last year: 27%)

Below are the projects that have been granted funding.

IDS Project
Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Amount (HK$)
Professor Yuk-Shan Wong Second phase of institutional research capacity development –
Establishment of three research institutes

IIDS Project
Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Amount (HK$)
Dr Kam-cheong Li Learning analytics and higher education development:
Towards a research agenda
Dr Andrew Kwok-fai Lui Mobile learning: Innovative research topics and applications 443,587

FDS Project
Unit Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Amount (HK$)
A&SS Dr Anna Wing-bo Tso An investigation of Hong Kong students’ perceptions and
experiences of English academic writing: A case study at
the Open University of Hong Kong
A&SS Dr Eden Sum-hung Li Political discourses in Hong Kong: A systemic functional perspective 690,719
A&SS Prof. Kwok-kan Tam Revisioning Ibsen: The aesthetics and politics of staging the self
in China and Hong Kong
B&A Dr Eddie Kuok-kei Law Situated knowledge in power relations: Its legitimization, sharing
and appropriation
B&A Ms Pauline Hie-yiin Hung CEO compensation and dividend policy in family firms 439,493
B&A Dr Rebecca Suk-yin Lau Why don’t they return the favour? A study of antecedents to
team-member exchange and its impact on work-life balance
B&A Dr Toro Tao Chen Round number biases, buy-sell imbalances and transaction time:
The international evidence
E&L Dr Polly Kam-ling Lao Teacher knowledge of early childhood teachers in Hong Kong,
with a focus on mathematics in early childhood education

Further details of funding results are available for IDS, IIDS, and FDS at the RGC website.



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