Professor Yiu-keung Ip
Associate Vice President (Academic Support & External Links)

Message from the Associate Vice President (Academic Support & External Links)

The OUHK has been refining the role of its University Research Centre since its set up about three years ago. Among its major functions, research capacity building has been identified as a prominent item on the agenda of the University’s development. I am glad to see that this Research Bulletin has been doing well in sharing with colleagues the latest news and information on research related activities and resources of the University.

Over the past year, we have made great strides in enhancing our supportive environment for research. One of our notable achievements has been the establishment of two new research institutes, namely, the Institute for Research in Digital Culture and Humanities and the Institute for Research in Innovative Technology and Sustainability. Both of them aim to develop our strategic areas of research in the School of Arts and Social Sciences and School of Science and Technology. These two research institutes have already organized and will continue to organize a variety of research related activities, such as seminars and conferences, to promote research and academic exchanges in relevant disciplines. Looking ahead, we plan to establish more research institutes to further expand our spectrum of areas of excellence in research.

At the same time, we have also introduced an ongoing seminar series funded by the RGC’s Inter-Institutional Development Scheme to promote research. It covers various topics related to the research process, ranging from research planning and design to writing of research reports and papers. We feel encouraged as our academic colleagues have been very enthusiastic in participating in these seminars.

Through the University’s endeavours, we envision a systematic development of our research capacity and research culture. This positive and important development is a result of lots of hard work and effort of our colleagues, particularly colleagues of the University Research Centre. Having said that, we all understand that, as a teaching and self-financing university, we have our own constraints and challenges. But I am confident that we as a team will be able to work within our constraints and transform the challenges into opportunities and continue to be a leader among the local self-financing tertiary institutions.



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