FTD41 Higher Diploma in Interior Design
FTD41 室內設計高級文憑


1. I do not possess basic drawing or design skills and knowledge. Are these prerequisites applying for the “Higher Diploma in Interior Design”?

An art and design background with drawing skills is definitely an advantage but not a constraint. Our course will start from the basic of the subject.

2. Are there any examinations for the elective courses in the “Higher Diploma in Interior Design”?

There are no examinations for the elective design courses. To obtain the programme award, students are required to pass all continuous assessments in each course.

3. Do I have to purchase any special tools for studying the “Higher Diploma in Interior Design”?

Basic drafting tools are required to produce interior design drawings. Students need to purchase their own set square, T square, circle template, technical pencil, etc. The budget for stationary purchase is usually from HK$100 to HK$200.

4. What will be the career prospect after graduating from this programme?

Graduates of this programme have better preparation to develop their careers in junior positions in the interior design and construction field. Knowledge and skills what they learnt can benefit to workplace if they engaged in various design industries, and need to handle interior design and construction related problems.



1. 我並沒有繪畫及設計的經驗。 我可以報讀「室內設計高級文憑」嗎?


2. 「室內設計高級文憑課程」的選修科目是否有考試?



3. 選修「室內設計高級文憑」需要購買什麼特別的文具或工具嗎?



4. 這個課程有甚麼就業出路?