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Before joining the OUHK, I was worried that language barriers and culture shock would make it hard for me to adapt to studying in Hong Kong. But once school started, I began to be warmed by about everything here. I have since learnt a great deal thanks to the teachers’ effort in explaining profound theories in simple terms, while after class, knowledge is consolidated through group discussions and revision among classmates, where friendship is also built. The teachers would even arrange tea gatherings, generously sharing their personal experiences and advising us on both life and study issues. I feel blessed to have opted for this OUHK programme.。

Kelvin, ZHAO KAI-WEN (2016 INTAKE)

Disce, Progredere, Crea

To understand a school, you can start with his motto. OUHK’s university motto is “公誠毅朴,開明進取” in Chinese. The motto in Latin is “Disce, Progredere, Crea”. In English it’s : Learn, Advance and Create.
I am honored to be a member of the public, where study and growth. I came to the school has been more than one and half month, and after participated in a freshman meeting, I have more understanding of the OUHK.
The campus is small but the facilities are available, the library and computer room are enough for students to use. Study time is flexible, the Course content is substantial, It needs extra time to learn and digestion and understanding. The course content is more in-depth, easy to understand and attractive so that some students have an idea to go deep.
Thanks to the public email and online learning environment (OLE) system, both the daily preparation of courseware or examination arrangements for the program are very handy so that my whole learning process more neat and uniform. The process of communicating with the teacher via e-mail is delightful.
The content of the course is close to the reality of Hong Kong. The teacher always takes Hong Kong as an example to discuss the situation of the model and data in Hong Kong, and will discuss some reasons behind the data with us. So that knowledge is no longer just the text and formula on books, but more flexible use to the reality.
Hong Kong is a place where Chinese and Western cultures converge, just like milk tea, blending different Chinese and Western ideas. In this era of globalization, OUHK provides me with a good platform to broaden my horizons. Immersion education makes us more accustomed to the English environment, conversion my thoughts. Teachers and students from different parts of the world have different views. In this international environment, we can exchange ideas and understand each other deeply.
In the coming days, I will learn more about and understand more about OUHK, while making progress together. Just as the university motto: “公誠毅朴,開明進取”.

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